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Chris M., Laakdal, Belgium

Amazing product, lovely aroma, perfectly finished candle, superb choice of bottle bases, all well chosen and pretty. We use our candles all the time. Very original and authentic. Great gift idea for wine lovers.


Jolie B., Los Angeles

I love the scents of these candles! I bought 5 for gifts this past holiday season and people loved them so much they wanted more. I light mine at dinner every night. Handcrafted, beautiful scents and perfect for gift giving.


Anne M., Los Angeles

High quality. Burns slow, and clean. Lasts longer than any other candles I’ve had. I love the crackling of the wooden wick. The scent of ambre noir is amazing. I call it my sexy and zen candle - it reduces my stress and anxiety levels leaving me feeling calm and happy.


Fanny H., Los Angeles

The best candles I ever had!

I looked for a long time for candles of this quality. They smell incredible and last forever, plus it's all organic and environment friendly.

They are the perfect gift for wine lovers and people with tasteful home decor. Plus, I LOVE that they can be refilled for $20!


Fleur M., Paris, France

Quel plaisir pour les sens. Ces bougies sont réalisées avec beaucoup de soins et d'amour. Elles sont visuellement uniques et leurs senteurs laissent dans la pièce un sentiment d'apaisement et de plénitude. L'entendre crépiter apporte beaucoup de joie. Boire une bouteille entre amis est toujours un plaisir et ces bougies précieuses par leur originalité procurent un deuxième plaisir comme si l'aventure ne s'arrêtait pas une fois la bouteille consommée. Bravo à UnWined LA Studio pour sa créativité et sa conscience écologique et circulaire : faire du beau, faire le bien, le faire bien.


Kelly G., Los Angeles

If you are like me, I am obsessed with candles !
Over the years I have found many that I love, yet I have never come across any candle that compares to UnWined LA Studio! Taking a recycled bottle of wine (I am a wine enthusiast too) and creating absolutely breathtaking scents is what makes this candle stand out from the crowd . The wooden wick is clean burning leaving no residue like the others do.
This is my “go to” candle for myself and gifts!!

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